Tiny Polaroid Magnets by Katie

So, I kind of cheated this week…. I am a graphic designer, and used it to my advantage. I downloaded the Photoshop polaroid template shown above and shrunk it down it 1 inch wide.

Above is a screen shot of my photoshop file. I made around 20 magnets, but duplicated a few for a gift.


I had some printable magnetic sheets left over from a college assignment that I had purchased at Staples. If it weren’t for these, this craft would have been a huge fail. I used my super awesome cutting board (DIY must have) and that was it. You can purchase something similar here. I only paid $20 for mine, but that was at least 5 years ago.



All done! Sorry for the crappy photos, my phone doesn’t like to take pictures up close.


I kept 10 for myself and are sending the rest as a gift to a friend.


Week 9: Tiny Polaroid Magnets. Fail.

So my craft attempt this week is more of inconvenience fail as opposed to an entire craft fail. Although, in the end, all I could muster up in my description of what I had done was “meh.”

My fail began at the craft store, when they were out of paper glaze, which I feel really makes the whole project. But being the last-minute kind of person I am, there really wasn’t time for searching beyond this store. “Oh well.” I said. “I have the triple thick glaze from the coasters that I can use.”

Then came the photos.

Well it really wasn’t the photo’s fault.

It’s mine.

No printer ink.

Pretty awesome to find that out a little too late.

So there I am with fail #2.

So then I dig and rummage a bit, and find lots of things in my desk for “future” scrapbooking. Some of them took the gloss pretty well (old London tube map), others bled right through (sorry Governor’s Cup Mudhens ticket).


Then I thought it would be cool to make magnets out of our old season tickets. Yea, cool if I could have found that paper glaze. Pretty lame with the triple thick gloss spray I had.


So after 2 magnets, I was in quit mode. This week I’m gonna search a bit harder for that glaze, because I think it makes the project, and try again. The printer ink? Not so much, my cheap ass probably won’t be refilling that anytime soon.


I think, however, the best realization of this whole project, is that my entire kitchen is stainless steel & won’t take magnets.